I’m a husband, father, grandfather, and teacher who started in the Peace Corps in Africa the year President Kennedy was assassinated, and later, studied a lot of science and, with three others, wrote a very successful elementary science textbooks series, and became a long-time carpet-bagging (by default), tenured full prof of English in a state university in New York .  Add to that being a Christian (by choice) and Sunday School teacher for many years, and earning a black belt in Soo Bahk Do Karate.

I (“John Knapp II,” my writing name) have edited in several capacities, written a lot of stuff including poetry (A Pillar of Pepper, winner of the first C. S. Lewis Gold Medal in 1983) and fiction (Earth Is Not Alone) books (paper and electronic) which are easy to get and find out about on the Internet.

Enough.  For more detail, hit one of the two choices  (below) from the bio tab on my other website, www.johnknapp2.com.

John Knapp II a short Vita


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