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#1158… “The Logic of Naturalism, According to Robert Lanza” [SCI, RELIG, etc]

.    To naturalists, according to just science, the explanation of origins has some basic flaws.    According Robert Lanza in Biocentrism¹, .    “Has…

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#1157… “A Lesson on Motion” [SCI, relig, etc.]

. It’s not the easiest thing to describe human motion. . Here’s a class exercise to discover the big picture. . For that, however, you…

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#1145… “TBOTW POV: 3rd Person Limited with an Interloping Narrator” [sci, relig, ETC]

.    [Consider this quote from The Blood of Three Worlds¹. In time of a worldwide loss of electrical power (due to EMP), legitimate² circumstances…

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