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#1161… “Hyperbole & Exact Detail in Acts 27” [sci, RELIG, etc]

.    (1)  Telling the truth matters…especially in the Bible.    (2)  Hyperbole is a legitimate, and honest, literary figure of speech.    (3)  Distinguishing…

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#1156… “Dr. Ads & Elmer Granger Consider ‘Black Lives Matter'” [sci, RELIG, etc]

.    “No message shirt, Ads?” says former student Elmer Granger. Elm joins his recent professor, once again sitting on his favorite bench on the…

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#1140… “Ravi Zacharias Dies” [sci, RELIG, etc]

. Ravi Zacharias dies after a short bout with cancer. . Inmates on Death Row at “Angola Prison”¹ make his coffin. . For more use…

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