#1197… [DLT 11] “Encouraging: Inexpensive Obedience” [sci, RELIG, etc]


   Many times it seems that God asks us to do so many different things! How is a Christian supposed to think about this?


   First of all, though the gift of salvation is free, there are many commands to GROW UP!


   We Christians are to be always aware, and be careful about how we live.


   Then there’s “Encouragement” with some easy opportunities to practice. For more about that, use the DOOR.




   First some Scripture that started us thinking about this:


“Therefore encourage one another, and build one another up.”

I Thess. 4:11

“…encourage the fainthearted.”

I Thess. 4:14


  In the Bible encouragement is related to exhortation. But our DLT¹ early morning thought is not going to get tangled in discussing that. The simple truth mentioned here in Thessalonians is echoed in many other Scriptures. The point we want to underline is that with open eyes and ears, Christians can, and do, see and hear much, and from our deep wells of experience, we can quietly react to our observations of others that can quietly matter a great deal to them. Surprise them with a simple–honest–compliment² that they aren’t expecting.

   And it costs almost nothing³. We’ve mentioned specific examples in other posts.

   The Apostle Paul certainly considers this important. A God values moments of brief social sharing–among believers as well as others.


  ¹ This a reflection from early morning devotional light reading and thinking, so consider the context…

  ² That’s “beautiful!” “well said!” “fits perfectly with,” “reminds me of,” etc. Of course, you always risk mistepping, but so what. A possible follow-up for an occasional disturbing reaction could be: “Oh, I’d to tell my wife (or husband) about that.”

  ³ Only, perhaps, an unexpected–by others, or yourself–risking sticking your neck out. Your billfold is safe. (And we got a 3rd footnote in.)

Author: John Knapp