#1196… “Dealing with ‘Nothing’ ” [sci, relig, ETC]


   You can express nothing is several ways¹. See below:


   Z E R O         N I H I L        Z I L C H

+Z E R O       +N I H I L      +Z I L C H

+Z E R O       _______              +N I L

_______      =Z I L C H             +N I L

=N O N E                                ________

                                                      = N A U G H T


   Can you find the right numeral (0 – 9) for each letter?² Each of the three addition problems should be treated separately.


For more use the DOOR…




   Sets of symbols–here, letters and numerals–can interact. Time for a moment of fun. Let us know the values of the sums in red, for “none,” “zilch,” and “naught.”


   ¹ Time for a moment of something different…

   ² Remember, these are separate problems. Observe also, how we snuck footnotes in.

Author: John Knapp

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    1. No. You just need to “decode” the letters to see what numbers they represent. All letters will then be numbers. But the addition problem will be correct. (Bear with me…I’m using my upgraded format in answering this. Let me know if you get this.0

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