#1195… [DLT 10] “Thoughts About How We Will ‘Look’ in the Afterlife” [sci, RELIG, etc]


   According to St Paul in Philippians¹,


   “…[Jesus] who will transform the body of our humble estate in conformity with the body of His glory by the exertion of the power that He has even to subject all things to Himself.”


   Recognizing the traditions of Paul with his long, sometimes tangled sentences, and our brash willingness to sometimes yank things out of their (carefully orchestrated) context, we will reflect upon what “new bodies” may be like…that is if

you go through the DOOR.




   If we can accept the notion that we can recognize individuals in the hereafter, then I wonder: How will I visualize my great-great grandfather John Knapp, a Methodist minister who died at 95, and how he will recognize his parents and grandparents…and me.


   Here are some observations, and a few reasons for them.

   (1)  “Gravity,” if any, will be different that what we experience today.

   (2)  We may be able to eat “food.” [Jesus did after His resurrection.]

   (3)  An “in the clouds” meeting with other recognizable people seems probable. [Consider Jesus’ Transfiguration.]

   (4)  We may be able to “instantly appear” at new “locations.” [Jesus did.]

   (5)  We may be able to pass through “physical matter” with being “changed” ourselves. [Jesus passed through walls and closed doors.]

   (6)  We may be “instantly recognizable” to some, with present physical handicaps apparently gone. [St. Thomas required inspection of scar tissue first, however.]

   (7)  We may not be instantly recognizable to others. [Mary, at the open tomb, did not recognize Jesus at first.]


   If this seems a bit outlandish, consider the possibility dimensions beyond the “familiar 4” that govern our present reasoning; remember, scientists postulate 10 or 11 dimensions existing at the beginning of the known universe at the “time” of the Big Bang.


  ¹ Philippians 3:21 NASB

Author: John Knapp

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