#1184… [DLT7] “Considering the ‘2nd’ Best Long-term Christian Miracle” [sci, RELIG, etc]




   #1  The entry of Jesus Christ into the world and his message and manner of how to properly worship, live, and serve God.


   #2  Resolution of the problem addressed in Galatians Ch. 2 (esp. vv11-21)¹.


For that you’ll have to use the DOOR.




   If we’re looking at the big picture here, #1 is obvious.

   If we’re going for #2, what we advocate may seem a bit puzzling. After Jesus’ singular, essential ministry which brings life and hope to fallen humans–with His death and resurrection, which brings personal salvation, Christianity sort of hangs around Jerusalem 40 days until the Holy Spirit arrives and Christian fellowships begin. According to the book of Acts, there appear two dramatically different assemblies of believers:

   (1)  Jews, with a more-or-less long religious background that centered around worship and teaching at, or near, the Temple in Jerusalem.

   (2)  Everyone else referred to as Gentiles or Outsiders.

   The lifestyles and  many expectations of these groups² were quite different. What to do about the long, detailed Law, or Torah, was in the middle of it. Surprisingly the first serious “missionary church” concerned about “taking the Gospel to the world ” was located the Antioch, Syria, a bit removed from Jerusalem. Concern about how to live and what true believers ought to do was, as today, very divided. An informal “Church Council” was held (see Acts 15) to see how compromise and peace could keep everyone together was reached.

   Then in one of the Apostle Paul’s epistles (“letters”) to the Galatians, we learn more: Paul, a converted Christian-hater, but also a Bible (Old Testament) scholar offers some pretty strong teaching that explains the basic difference between centering upon the following the Law and having faith in Jesus Christ. Paul mentions how he, a late-comer to Christian fath, opposed Peter to his face (called “Cephas” here), correcting the behavior of Jesus’ chief apostle. Can you imagine the dynamic in that confrontation! Paul and Peter weren’t timid folks!

   Our point here: Think how difficult it must have been to keep things straight with no New Testaments yet! This is what we say in a moment of meditation: Despite many minor issues, look at how the Christian Church³ has held together for 2000 years and not disappeared.

   That is what we consider the second greatest miracle.


   ¹ For context, look and mull over chapters 1 and 2 of Galatians. And consider this alongside Acts 15. This could make for an interesting group discussion, part of which could compare different churches now and then.

   ² Not to be overlooked is that many synagogues of the day  had “God-followers” attending who were not Jews. Some Gentiles privately thought Jews had something going for them, although they were not quite ready to buy in.

   ³ I’m thinking about churches that take the Bible seriously as to what it supernaturally declares.


             Happy Anniversary, Karen ♥



Author: John Knapp

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  1. And Happy Anniversary to you as well!! When I consider that churches are made up of people, I would agree that the 2nd greatest miracle truly is.

  2. Thank you…we had a very Happy 48th Anniversary in my view! On to 50, God willing. And like Phoebe, I agree that since our churches are made up of people, it is the 2nd greatest miracle!

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