#1162… “Dr. Ads, Shiloh Miller, and ‘ALMS'” [sci, RELIG, etc]


   “Here comes Shiloh!” says Elmer Granger¹, one of Dr. Ads former students. “Hey! he’s got his sign, ‘Repent for the end is near!’ but look at what he’s wearing!”

   “No robe!” answers Ads from his bench at the edge of campus. “It’s a dark blue message T-shirt and jeans!” Once again, he’s walking down the middle of the street between lanes of traffic going opposite directions.

   “‘ALMS’ in white block letters,” says Elm. “Looks fishy. What does that mean?”


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   “He’s gone political,” says Ikon O’clast, another of Ads’s former students, joining Ads and Elm.

   “And just what does ‘ALMS’ mean?” asks Elm.

   “You don’t know?!” says Ike. “It means ALL LIVES MATTER SIGNIFICANTLY.”

   “But what about the blue color? Doesn’t that just confuse things?” asks Elm.

   “I asked Shiloh about that,” said Ike. “‘Among other things’ he told me ‘dozens of minority working men in blue have recently been injured in the street, and at last count, two have been murdered. I want to remember them.'”

   “I think you’re both missing something,” said Ads. Look at the smaller print under the large letters. Even I can see that!”

   “Something about giving to special people, maybe?” asked Elm. “What letters?”

   “Mt. 28:18-20.”


  ¹ Elmer Granger, Ikon O’clast, Shiloh Miller, and Dr. Ephraim Ads are irregular visitors to A Dozen Seconds.


Author: John Knapp