#1140… “Ravi Zacharias Dies” [sci, RELIG, etc]


Ravi Zacharias dies

after a short bout with cancer.


Inmates on Death Row at “Angola Prison”¹

make his coffin.


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   Ravi Zacharias, rising from a hospital bed in India after an attempted suicide at 17, converted to Christianity, and eventually travelled the world for 48 years teaching and preaching about the reality of Jesus Christ, and how He can bring helpful answers to those having questions about origins, meaning, morality, and destiny.

   Distinctives of Zacharias include his broad understanding of atheism, philosophy, world religions, and possessing a firm but gentle spirit when encountering challenges to Christian faith.


March 26, 1946 — May 19, 2020


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   ¹ The informal name of the largest maximum security prison in Louisiana. After visiting death row the 3rd time, caring inmates made Zacharias the coffin he will be buried in.

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    1. An amazing one of the half dozen apologists, perhaps the best, that we’ve recently had. A great loss. Thanks for sharing.

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