#1106… “A Useful Source on Climate Change”


   Much has been said about CLIMATE CHANGE.


   Unfortunately, the context  is usually stridently generalized and politicized.


For what Scientific American¹ calls the “Climate Clincher,”

use the DOOR.




   If you care about the topic, this one-page graph & text is worth reading, copying, and tucking away somewhere. It is taken from “No Evidence for Globally Coherent Warm and Cold Periods over the Preindustrial Common Era,” by Raphael Neukom et al., in Nature Vol.571; July 25, 2019.

   On page 86, S. A. claims that this (graphed information) puts the change “argument to rest.”

   Others may say it opens things up.


  ¹ Scientific American is an old friend. Many years ago a biochemist and I selected 4 articles from S. A. on new science emerging from new DNA studies and attempted to see how specially prepared annotations could make them more accessible to interested high school students. This journal is a good source to explain current research, as well as science history, to adults who are are interested in science, though not deeply trained in it. In the article mentioned above, this is a marvelous collection of climate data.


Author: John Knapp