#1062… “HuMans Out There?” [SCI, RELIG, etc]


   Suppose that huMans, exactly like Earth humans, exist on an exoplanet  circling a Sun-like star far beyond our solar system. They have science somewhat like ours, and are busy looking beyond their Earth-like planet for the existence of similar huMans.


   Why? First, because they can.


   Second, because…  [okay, for more use the DOOR].



  Second, because their science history indicates an approximate 13.7 million year past, and more than that, they’ve discovered that in the “development” of their plaNet, dozens and dozens of events had to happen just so resulting from a “gigantic explosion” that started everything and eventually resulted in producing simple atoms and molecules, and then complicated living cells, and then more and more complex living creatures, and finally huMan creatures who can think, talk, and try to explain to each other how all this came about.

   “How could millions of ‘happy accidents’ have happened on our plaNet in so little time?” oNe of them wondered aloud. “There must have been a “just so” amount of the different elements, and the right ratios of them to each other. Temperatures and thousands of other things must have been “just so” for extended periods of time to produce the fossils we’ve observed left behind in rocks, etc. etc. We thought the matheMaticians, were our friends, but even they’ve declared to us with numbers that go into the billions and trillions that the probability of all that we see happening around us is…is…zero.” (Behind closed doors, some of the philoSophers, however, before being ignored, insisted that probability of what they were talking about “could never be zero.”)

   “We must be unique in the entire universe!” declared a prominent scieNtist. “No one else could exist and possibly be like us,” declared aNother.

   “Then we must have been made,” declared aNother.

   That produced an awkward silence.

   “By who?¹” said aNother. “You’d have to be injecting somebody into this bigger than we are,” said still aNother. “We’ve gotten past that ‘gOd thing’ haven’t we? The next thing you’ll be saying with all this babbling is that in the vast universe, the gOd is making scaled-down creatures in his own image.”

   “Okay, that’s way more than enough,” said still aNother. “Time to call it a day.”

   “You sound like oNe of the aNcients!” said the first SpeaKer.

   They all laughed on their way home.


   ¹ Should be “By whom?” Language issues are universe-wide. An encounter of humans with HuMans occurs in The Blood of Three Worlds by John Knapp II (see right sidebar).



Author: John Knapp