#1060… “Doing Good Stuff Matters…” [sci, RELIG, etc]


   Doing “good things” for the right reasons is Biblical.


   More than 2000 years ago a poor woman added 2 precious coins, to the Temple treasury¹. Jesus tells this as an example of responding in a holy way to needs beyond oneself.


For a bit more use the DOOR.




   A person does not have to engage in spectacular, over the top, behavior to obey, or please, God. I suspect that the Apostle Paul would have been startled² to know that years after his death the “letters” he was dashing off in rather grim circumstances to both groups and individuals would be “tacked on” to the Torah (or Law), the Prophets, the Writings (or Jewish Bible, or what Christians call the Old Testament), and whole package would be called Holy Scripture. And serve as the “inspired guideline” for the foundation of not just religious but civil law for many countries.

   But that’s exactly what happened.

   It’s interesting to see how Paul finishes off many of his 12 or 13 letters. There’s lots of “general stuff” that God allows Paul to put down that may seem obvious to many–but not everyone.

   An interesting–possibly group–study would be to examine the “ends” of his epistles. From the several “generalities” that Paul mentions, what specific advice might be helpful to pass along to modern church groups?


   ¹ It’s interesting to note that the Temple was corrupt in several ways, and the money collected was not always wisely spent. But to Jesus, it was the act of generous giving that He seems to be underlining.

   ² This is, of course, a “supposal” as C. S. Lewis might put it. We have no complete understanding of all that was on Paul’s mind as he wrote.

Author: John Knapp