#896… “Does the Liar Wear Lipstick or a Black Robe?”


   [This is written 1 hour before the Kavanaugh Inquisition on Sept. 27,]


   This is a pivotal moment in American history…


   I will not look back on this–rare–political post and laugh.


For more use the DOOR.




   In short:  Will the liar wear lipstick¹ or a black robe?

  What will the President² do? This, I feel is a pivotal moment in American history. Here are some observations, comments, and questions before everything begins (numbered, of course):

   (1)  Whatever happens in the next 2 days will be the leading factor in determining the results of the November midterm elections.

   (2)  Big news (about other things) has been hidden for the last month. What? Just keep your ears and eyes open.

   (3)  New “regulations” about what should be acceptable as damning evidence of negative sexual behavior³ will be established. Otherwise, candidates for elective office will disappear. It makes little difference if one is “stained” or “pure.” America is not ready for either.

   (4)  Those who’ve engaged in sexting–whether in high school, college, or otherwise–should forget about ever running for public office.

   (5)  “Innocent until proven guilty” will receive serious discussion.


I’m out of time…!


   ¹ Lipstick is not always red.

   ² We almost never mention the “President” by name. Let the electronic whiz bangs work harder to find us.

           ³ A Dozen Seconds completely accepts the Biblical admonitions concerning purity and marriage.

Author: John Knapp