#879… ” ‘Unshackled’: The Longest Running Radio Drama” [sci, RELIG, etc]


   You miss the “old” stories told on radio?


   Unshackled is still available!


Here’s how you can still hear it:

But please use the DOOR.




    [You should be able to click on this; if not type in…]


   We contend that this half-hour Christian radio drama is the longest-running such drama–sacred or secular–ever produced. In it one can hear (purported) true stories of people whose lives have been radically changed by becoming Christians. It’s been produced by Pacific Garden Mission (PGM) for many decades.

   It’s worth a listen. If the Gospel is real and is as meaningful Bible-believers claim it is, it should, among other things, reach down-and-outers and radically change their lives¹.


   ¹ Be aware that this sort of program is controversial to some Christians as well as non-Christians. Beware, too, of the Internet “Warning about Unshackled.” That extremist Christian commentary shouldn’t cause you to bypass this.

Author: John Knapp