#852… “3 Reasons for Upcoming Radical change” [sci, RELIG, ETC]


   As we reflect on liberty and independence that the “4th” celebrates, adozenseconds.com offers 3 reasons why what we know and value is seriously threatened.


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   (1)  Everyone now–rich or poor–have a keen sense of entitlement to things they are unable or are unwilling to pay for.

   Consequence:  Only liars and deceivers can be elected and put in power by democracies.

   (2)  There’s a spiraling increase of children without parents being raised by children without parents who were raised by children without parents.

   Consequence:  Society is becoming more and more infiltrated by undisciplined “takers” instead of unselfish givers and receivers.

   (3)  We’re in the middle of a geometric increase of people who’ve let themselves be gelded and neutered in their ability to create, serve, and use the technology that governs their everyday behavior.

   Consequences:  (a) Fewer and fewer people have actual real power. They have surrendered their independence and self-reliance in taking care of themselves. (b) Probable hacking, and/or EMP destruction on a massive scale can literally destroy civilization as we know it, and kill millions that the best practices of triage are impotent against.

Happy 4th of July!

Author: John Knapp