#847…”‘Racism’ According to the Oxflow Dictionary” [sci, relic., ETC]


This won’t be hard to understand

because it’s real and wrapped

around the way we now hear

and act.


Racism (n) — Any disagreement with a trendy, prominent spokesperson or group for a person or group.

[racist (adj)]

–Oxflow Dictionary¹ (2018)


For more use the DOOR.




   The original meaning of “making judgments about a person, group, because of their ethnicity or race” is clearly outdated, and means nothing in contemporary society. Highly educated people, without batting an eye, now freely use this term–and rarely with serious challenge. If one, however, faces challenge and attempts self-justification by asking, “Is there any time, in any situation, about anything, that you would prefer one race over another? If a person pauses any length of time before answering “Yes” or “No,” that person is a racist.

   End of discussion.


   ¹ Oxford is is hardly the search for a place were is shallow enough to cross from one side of a river to the other, where the river itself is on its way to its manifest destiny. The ox surrenders its attempt to “ford” across to establish historical meaning or nuance. Rather it runs with the bulls to wherever. Words that record meaning often change. The Oxflow Dictionary recognizes that.

Author: John Knapp

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