#841… “Hijacking Scripture” [sci, RELIG, etc]


   Frequently, I hear someone say, “God told me…” or “God showed me…”


   How do I think about this?

   And what do I do?


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   First, I’m usually glad to see that someone else is thinking about God.

   Second, I’m probably not going to challenge it. This just may have happened.

   But third, I may say: “If so, how do you explain, or put this alongside (a), (b), or (c)? This could be referring to other events I know about the person’s life, or possibly something that that the Bible says, or (in my mind) what the Bible implies about that.

   And if I was a friend, I might go deeper.

   A peeve that I’ve long carried is the tendency we (Christians) often have to seek a stamp of Divine approval upon certain thoughts, events or happenings that we’re excited about. Or if we have an important “message,” we want to prop it up with some Bible verses. And to do that, sometimes we even run to a concordance to locate ammunition.

   I wonder how many sermons begin that way–fishing in the Bible for passages that support what I want to say.

   For several other reasons, I’m not saying that I’m against that.

   But, in general, I think I’d prefer hearing: “I think God is showing me that…”

   Some of my thoughts and personal journeys have not ended well, or even after praying about them, have been flat-out wrong¹. I can’t–and won’t–blame God for that.


   ¹ Years ago, I had a vivid dream that Jimmy Carter would win a second term as President. He didn’t. (This trivial incident just flashed through my mind.)

Author: John Knapp