#836…”A Tough Lesson from Luke” [sci, RELIG, etc]




The Keys to Successful Investing

from the Bible


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   First read Luke 12:28 – 34.

   To obtain unfailing treasure do the following. In our tradition, we will number things:


   (1)  First consider location, location, location

   (2)  Be aware of the headquarters of successful people.

   (3)  Go for “long term” reward.

   (4)  Don’t forget your citizenship.

   (5)  Sell the superfluous.

   (6)  Give to the needy.

   (7)  Go for safe treasure…

   (8)  in an environment where there are no thieves…

   (9)  no rust or rot…

  (10)  nor end of life.

Author: John Knapp