#833… “Consider the Ravens…But Very Carefully” [sci, RELIG, etc]


In Luke 12:23-24, Jesus says:


   “For life is more than food…Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap…and yet God feeds them.”


But consider them very carefully…


Yes, there is more than food. For more about all this you need the DOOR




   For society to work, its citizens must work to earn their keep. Or at least a significant number of them must do this. For many reasons, however, this is very difficult and sometimes impossible.

   The Bible reveals some of God’s thoughts about working to survive. One observation about this comes from Jesus’ teaching. And from this we can draw our own observations:

   (1)  God is aware of even small matters, even of animal life.

   (2)  God is behind the supply of whatever is needed.

   (3)  Even providing available food for ravens.

   (4)  But, it is implied that, they must search out and find this food

   (5)  and “gather” it for themselves.

   Gathering is not automatic. It is expected work. We should learn from this. If we apply this–out loud–to humans who “idle themselves” without good reasons, it’s better to not use the example of ravens. Why?

   It’s racist.

   I kid you not. Even for suggesting such a parallel. We live in a new modern world.

   Use doves instead.

Author: John Knapp