#830…”Another Neglected Commandment” [sci, RELIG, etc]


“Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy.”

–Exodus 20:8-10


Christians don’t do this any more.


What’s going on here?


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   “Oh, we’re not under the Law any more so it doesn’t matter,” is a cheap common response. Of course, tunes change when people begin to ask if this is also true about murder, stealing, lying, and adultery.

   I will sidestep the extended discussion about this here¹ and only make several observations.

   (1)  Protestants often say “We only follow what the Bible teaches.” Well, the Bible, and Jesus, considered the Sabbath the 7th day of the week. Evidence is often offered that the Sabbath was honored even before God gave the Law to Moses. Sunday is never mentioned in the Bible. What then happened?

   (2)  In the 4th century AD the Church in Rome declared that Sunday would replace, or become, the Sabbath. Sunday was already the worship day for pagan religions. (There was also a strong spirit of anti-semitism then.)

   (3)  “Stopping” or “resting,” which was at the heart of the commandment, was encouraged but soon minimized and discarded. Centuries later, Luther and nearly all¹ Protestants accepted carte blanche the Roman Catholic tradition, and Sunday became a “go-to-meeting” day.

   (4)  Resting and stopping, of course, wasn’t evil…just no longer necessary. And in modern society impossible. However, here’s a case where we could learn something important from the Jewish culture, even Jewish secular culture.


   ¹ Not the 7th Day Baptists, however. Their fascinating detailed written history goes back to a couple centuries before 7th Day Adventism–with which it has no connection– to the founding of America and to London, England. Perhaps 5,000 practicing 7th Day Baptists can be found scattered here and there across the USA. The National Council of 7th Day Baptists is in Janesway Wisconsin, the closest church to me is in Daytona Beach. It’s been said that 20,000 7th Day Baptists are still found in India, some in Hong Kong, and in London now, the original 7th Day Baptist Church is composed primarily of immigrants from the Caribbean. (We’ve written about 7th Day Baptists before, and you can find what we’ve said by using the search rectangle at the upper left.)

Author: John Knapp