#810… “Stars: How Far Away?” [sci, RELIG, etc]


In the last post we considered how many stars were in the universe.


There are 50 billion trillion of them.


So the universe is very, very large.

But it is not infinite.


Now…just  how far are the stars away from each other?


For more use the DOOR.




   This time we won’t use any numbers. We’ll build a model instead.

   Astronomers have figured out the average distance between two stars. This example uses this average.

   Suppose you stand in the middle of Los Angeles holding a grapefruit in your hand. How far away would your friend holding a grapefruit have to stand to model the distance between stars? Would you be close enough to see each other from a distance?


   You’d have to be standing somewhere in the middle of Peru in South America¹.

   Once again, the universe is very, very large.

   But it is not infinitely large.


   ¹ The source for the detail here is Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, by astrophysicist Hugh Ross, Ph.D. (Baker. 2008).

Author: John Knapp