#805… “The Big History of the Universe: A Non-Biblical Response” [SCI, RELIG, etc]


In our last post we offered a “Middle View”¹

summary of how science now

presents Big History.

[Hours after this first posting, this post was slightly modified.]


But…we injected

some concordant Bible stuff

along the way.


How then would people who don’t take the Bible seriously spin things? There’s a new buzz word to account for unexplainable phenomena that rejects the need for a designer who is “outside” of everything. It’s




For more use the DOOR.



   [The primary source for most of the details in Post #804, and here, is Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, by astrophysicist Hugh Ross, Ph.D. (Baker. 2008). The spin, esp. about the nature of a “Middle View¹”, however, is from us, adozenseconds.com.  Earlier, now aware of the enormous number of brand-new as well as “old” facts and studies from science, we’ve advocated the need for 3 admitted “postures,” or distances, from which to view and evaluate everything in less-complex language. This is basically from a “middle view,” and has the advantages and disadvantages of sounding very general.]

   What then is “multiverse”? Here’s the online dictionary definition. [We added the boldface and color.]

multiverse |ˈməltiˌvərs| (n) an infinite realm of being or potential being of which the universe is regarded as a part or instance.

   Now what should we say about this? Note first the following: “Infinite” is assumed. Further, “the” in this case should be more accurately be replaced by “our observable.” Next, a clarification: Our Milky Way Galaxy is not the universe. The Milky Way (a mass of swirling stars) is one of many, many “similar” galaxies that we can observe with tools that we have.

   Science can now observe, describe, and “measure” our universe back to its beginning 13.73 billion years ago. This universe is very, very, very large. But it is not infinite. That means that with an impossibly speedy magic spaceship one could travel to the end of it. Are there other universes beyond it? Maybe. But if so, there’s not a shred of scientific evidence to support this. None.

   Now here’s where the idea of a “multiverse”–or the possibility of an infinite number of universes–becomes useful to some: If it’s impossible to accept the possibility of and “Outside Designer” to be responsible for the intricate design of ourselves and everything around us, then what can one offer as an alternative to a wondering child’s question about beginnings?

   Actually, it’s pretty simple:

With an infinite number of universes anything is possible.

   End of discussion…

   But there are two problems with this;

   (1)  The complexity of matter and energy  (if everything began with “simple pieces” that randomly assembled themselves) demands much more than 13.73 billion years.

   (2)  “Multiverse” is nothing more than wishful speculation. There’s not a shred of scientific evidence to support it–unless one puts a lot of stock in the human”feelings” of some people that there just can’t be anything outside of the universe such as a “meddling supernatural mind.”


   ¹ A middle posture is something we’ve yet to completely spell out–when compared and contrasted with “close” and “far” postures.

Author: John Knapp