#784…sci, RELIG, etc: “Same Sex Marriage”


Same-sex marriage and gender identify

are hot issues today.


If you’re convinced we should now accept

new thinking on these issues


that would change historic Church

positions and postures


on all this…


then we should clip chapters 1 & 2 of Romans¹

out of our Bibles.


For more use the DOOR.





   Yes, there are parts of the Old Testament that deal directly with this issue, but most know so little about the O.T. that that part of the Bible rarely plays a part in modern discussions.

   The New Testament is a bit more familiar to Christians.

   To express unfettered kindness and equal acceptability of everyone in the church regarding one’s opinion on gender issues, one should delete parts of  the Bible to make everyone to feel more comfortable.

   This, however, should lead thinking and caring Christians to ask a tough question: Are we committing bibliolatry and discrimination if we cling to the Bible instead of other “worthy documents,”if in places it’s so flawed and hurtful?

   That is, according to one’s “moral framework².”

   If so, then upon what standard should a person base what one believes?

   What, then, is the Bible anyway?


   ¹ If you’re skimming fast, the troublesome verse in Rom. 1:27. But, as we’ve said so many times, the context matters. Read the whole thing.

   ² Everyone has a moral framework that could be reduced to a written statement, whether it’s well thought-out or not, or consistent or not.

Author: John Knapp