#776…sci, RELIG, etc: “The Sabbath, a Unique Commandment”


   Within the 10 commandments,

the Sabbath stands



   ignored by Christians

and non-Christians¹ alike.


For more use the DOOR.



   The Sabbath is a gift of time.

   Especially for those who have no time.

   This 4th, of the 10 commandments, says STOP… The ordinary and irregular duties of life will always be around, and rarely “finished.” Ignore that, however. We are commanded not to murder, not to commit adultery, not to be jealous (covet), not to lie (bear or make false witness), etc. But the Sabbath commandment (the Biblical Sabbath, not the “manufactured” one created in the 4th century AD when it was morphed into into Sunday² the accepted public worship day of pagan religions), says STOP, set everything aside, REST, and do what? Nothing. Nothing except, as believers in the God of the Bible, open ourselves to God the Holy Spirit who in general and specific ways shows us how to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength…and love our neighbors as ourselves.

   Is this boring, “zero” contemplation? No.

   Does raise practical questions and complications? It certainly does!


   ¹ Except for many Jews, a few 7th Day Baptists, and 7th Day Adventists.

   ² “Sunday” is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. Yes, Jesus arose from the dead on the “1st” day of the week and Christians would worship then just as on any other day of the week (and as we should). But public worship isn’t the main issue here. It’s interesting to note that the “changing” of  the Biblical Sabbath, which had always been the 7th day of the week even before the giving of the Law, occurred during a period of political anti-Semitism.


Author: John Knapp