#770…sci, RELIG, etc: “Christmas and Jesus’ Birthday”


   Just scratching the surface of several (some lengthy) articles on just exactly what where on the calendar Jesus’ birthday should be, I came up with several suggestions–but nothing definitive.  Among them:


Nov. 18

Mar. 28

Sept. 16 or sometime after that up until Sept. 29

“in March”

“in April”

“in Sept.”

“in Oct.”


For just a little bit more use the DOOR.




   Let me just add that no one…in the written literature about this…is sure of the actual day of the year.


   But there is an overwhelming consensus that He was NOT born in December, let alone December 25.

   Why then that date?

   December 25 was a popular pagan Roman holiday that dealt with the winter solstice. The new religion “Christianity,” once hated by ruling political authorities, was finally accepted as the “state religion” in the 4th century AD, though other religions still continued alongside it. Since a birth date for the Messiah had been forgotten, perhaps because it wasn’t considered important, it was “assigned to be remembered and ‘celebrated'” on the existing day set aside for worship and celebration of all religions: Dec.25.

   Christmas was first celebrated on Dec. 25 on 336 AD, 24 years after Constantine made Christianity the state religion.

Author: John Knapp