#763…sci, RELIG, ETC: “‘UCRAM,’ a Useful Acronym”


UCRAM (“you-cram”)


   As the fuzzy moral framework of secular society continues to change in 2017 in unbelievable, unrelenting, and unrepenting ways, we need a new identifier for the shakers and movers.


For more use the DOOR.




   We’ve often discussed “moral frameworks” and will continue to do so, because everyone acts according to a personally created belief system.

   But that’s not the subject here.

   Rather, we present an acronym for often justified (by “social thinkers”) and winked-at “performers” who demand everyone’s attention for what they think matters:

U  unparented¹

C  children with

R  rocks

A  and

M  masks

   As long as we let UCRAMs lead the way to command our attention without holding them accountable, their numbers will grow. Of course, some think this is essential to achieve real, needed change. And, if so, very real–and unrecognizable–change will occur.


   ¹ And often overage.

Author: John Knapp