#753…SCI, relig, etc: “A Brief History of ‘Water Displacement 40th Formula'”


   In 1953 Norm Larsen¹

   on his fortieth attempt





      This is now the name of a company located in San Diego, CA. Look for it on the NASDEQ stock exchange under the symbols “WDFC.”


Look for a bit more by entering the DOOR.




   Norm² and his fellow coworkers, attempting to find a degreaser and rust prevention solution for the new aerospace industry landed on something truly effective, and quickly co-founded the Rocket Chemical Company, later renamed “WD-40” because its only product did much more than service rockets.

   Convair, an aerospace contractor, was the first to use the new lubricant, treating the outer skin of the first generation of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Convair workers were the first to discover the multiple uses of this new–tightly guarded secret-patented–wonder liquid. In 1958, Larsen repackaged WD-40 in aerosol cans and made the product available to consumers–eventually in 160 countries.

   WD-40 boasts more than 2000 uses. Among them: it cleans fiberglass bathtubs, removes paint from hardwood floors and sticker glue from clothes. Further, one can wipe down countertops to remove scratches and keep silver from turning black after sitting for a long time. WD-40 works wonders on removing crayon from walls, cleans lawn furniture and removes scuffs from vinyl floors. Use WD-40 to remove labels from pill bottles before discarding or remove wine or strawberry stains from countertops.

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   ¹ Note that “Norm’s name” is spelled 3 different ways depending on what sources you read: including “Larsen,” “Larson,” and “Lawson.” Sources for the above include National Geographic: 101 Inventions That Shaped the World (printed and distributed by Time, 2017); Wikipedia and elsewhere.

   ² See above note.

Author: John Knapp