#752…SCI, relig, etc: “When the USA Banned Radio Usage”


   It’s hard to image the USA

   banning use of the radio.


   But it did.


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   During the 1890s, Guglielmo Marconi (the inventor of the radio) experimented with radio waves that could transmit sound at the speed of light. In 1896 he traveled from Italy to England to demonstrate his wireless radio to British officials. In 2 years he was granted a patent and the British and Italian navies adopted Marconi’s wireless.

   He made the first transatlantic wireless communication in 1901. Radio quickly became so important for military and navigation that the U.S. banned all stations not used by the government when the nation entered WWI in 1917.

   “Radio use exploded following the war. The Federal Radio Commission was established in 1927 to tame the Wild West of the airwaves. A decade later, more than 28,000,000 households–around 80% of the total–owned a radio.


   ¹ National Geographic: 101 Inventions That Shaped the World (printed and distributed by Time, 2017).

Author: John Knapp