#686…SCI, RELIG, ETC: “The 3 Views (once again)”


   An idea we’ve bandied about from time to time is the legitimacy–and worth–at looking at information from 3 different distances:


(1)  Close (or near)

(2)  Middle

(3)  Far (or distant)


   This is more about that, and once again, “more” requires entering the DOOR.




   Some observations–or tentative conclusions (so far).

    (1)  There’s so much information (or “data”) out there! And it’s growing daily, exponentially. (We’ve cited several brilliant specialists about this, in particular Stuart Firestein and Leonard Suskind, and those who suggest, or confess, that the human brain, even with its 100 billion neurons can only go so far…)

   (2)  There’s no way we can grasp, or understand, everything.

   (3)  Or even very important things.

   (4)  One way to approach this dilemma is to broaden one’s perspective. Or, obey the (proved) useful traffic lights even though you don’t have a clue how they work. You do have faith, however, that they and your hidden braking, accelerating, and steering systems will work. (You don’t have to inspect them every time before you turn the ignition key. But an auto check-up now and then seems prudent.)

   (5)  Where are we going here? We believe there’s great value in 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-hand information. That’s where adozenseconds.com comes in. We repeat a lot of stuff that comes from somewhere else. We value it, perhaps because of some hidden agenda¹.

   (6)  Sorting and sifting what we hear and observing where it comes from matters. Wisdom, perhaps, comes from identifying and spending time with good sources².

   (7)  We will add “more” to this from time to time…


   ¹ For us, that includes looking both at and beyond science for things that matter. And for us that includes considering a biblical point of view.

   ² Including stopping now and then to wander and laugh.

Author: John Knapp