#672…sci, RELIG, etc: “What’s Happened to Lying?”


Let consider Morals and Language for our 12 seconds this time.


Bald-faced lie¹ – (n) a shameless and undisguised intentionally false statement.


Let’s consider a possible neologism:


“Bald-faced deception”


Is that a lie?


             [For more use the DOOR.]




   Let’s consider two Presidential statements (though the second one was made while the candidate was running for office).


    (1) Obama on Obamacare:  “There’s no real problem here. With our health reform you can still keep your own doctor.” (In other words, you’re an idiot if you let that stand in your way.)


   (2) Trump on looking out of his office window after 9/11 attack: “There were hundreds of people cheering approval.” (In other words, there were people in our midst who welcomed this.


   Both of these statements were as untrue as if I said, “I’m typing this with 7 fingers on my right hand.” The second statement (2) was checked out and found to be completely untrue, as if anyone would believe it in the first place. I’d laughed to myself when I heard it, thinking what stupid hyperbole.

   With (1) however, as the son of a doctor, I knew full well because of what was being discussed, that this would be absolutely impossible. And Obama should know that as well. It was either (a) he was as ignorant as a mud fence when he said this, which if it was true, what else was he ignorant of? Or (b) he was deliberately lying to concerned people who would believe him and keep their support.

   That’s when Obama lost me forever with his reasoning. He just couldn’t be trusted. It was an outright lie to get what he wanted.

   Now Trump? Though he would never pull back his assertion, I and others (I suppose) just wrote it off as a moment of stupidity that had no consequence.

   I’m not sure now where I’ve gone with this…

   A deception, bald-faced or not, is not quite a lie. But it’s telling just enough truth about something to give a wrong impression…but one that can clearly be seen through in time.

   A bit more on this later perhaps…12 seconds flies…


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   ¹ We cobbed together our definition with two definitions from the Oxford Online Dictionary.

Author: John Knapp