#656…SCI, RELIG, etc: “7 Truths and Concepts That Matter”


   Frequently through our postings over the years we have emphasized the importance of sorting out What Matters? from What Is? (And, of course, this should push us to ask, Then What Should I Do?)


   Here’s a rough draft¹ of 7 Truths and Concepts That Matter (to us² as we observe, read and think about, and write about).


1.  The Earth and the universe is very old…and amazing.


For the other 6, use the DOOR.



   If I² was asked to speak on what, at my age, holds my attention in the world of ideas, here are 7 concepts that I continually read, study and/or think about. Here, I wrap myself in a cloak called “draft,” to cover my loose ends and the absence of up-to-speed details I haven’t uncovered. (Or perhaps my cloak will keep out the draft…) I and many of my ideas are still works-in-process. And I will risk sharing them with that caveat.

   With all that’s faced me in my education and personal study, my teaching, and retirement, these truths, concepts, and perhaps to your eyes, axioms or simple notions, here are the 7 big ones that hold my attention most. The list will appear today, explanations of individual items will appear in future posts. Questions, reactions, and future explanations may follow. (I’ll repeat the first one.)


7 Truths and Concepts


   1.  Earth and the universe are very old…and are amazing.

   2.  Mind preceded matter.

   3.  Right and Wrong are real and absolute.

   4.  Humans are unique and overwhelmingly distinctive among all living things.

   5.  Science provides important and reliable information about nature.

   6.  The Bible is unique, categorically different from other books, provides other reliable important information that does not deceive or lie to the common person who thoughtfully reads it.

   7.  Substitutionary atonement for sins is a welcome, satisfying, and real phenomenon.


   ¹ My thinking and comments–at this point–are hardly complete and, God willing, will continue to grow and satisfy my expectations with more with reading, discussion, and time. (Doesn’t this relate to Number 4?) These baselines beg for more explanation and defense. With time, we’ll provide more about each item–giving you adozenseconds worth, of course…and I will become better informed.

   ² I will drop the mask. The collective, literary “we/us” will become “I/me.”


Author: John Knapp