#642…sci, relig, ETC: “Iambs, Trochees, and Such”


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For a poem to explain what these mean, use the DOOR.




   To examine the “feet” or rhythmic structure of poetry consider the poem below. The poem shows a basic way to examine the structure of metrical poetry.¹ The heavy “beats” are the lines. The dots are the lighter beats. (Don’t lock these patterns into individual words, however. Feel the beat of the whole line.)


“The iamb saunters through my book,

Trochees rush and tumble;

 While the anapest runs like a hurrying brook,

Dactyls are stately and classical.”¹


      Looking at the rhythmic patterns of poems this way is called scanning.


    ¹ From Whitfield’s University Rhyming Dictionary. (Yes, I was once an English teacher.)

Author: John Knapp