#619…sci, RELIG, etc: “A Punctuation Puzzler…and more”


Consider the following sequence¹:



that that

is is

that that

is not is not is not


it it



If this were a single, sequential row of words, could you without rearranging the words, or dropping or adding any letters or words, and by only adding punctuation and capitalization, make a logical set of sentences?


Looking for more? Use the DOOR.




   That that is, is.  That that is not, is not.  Is not this, it?  It is.


   “That” is obvious, isn’t it?

    Things that are real are recognized all the time. And that includes feelings, attitudes, loves, hates, fears, expectations, hopes, anxieties as well as the keyboard in your lap and the smell of hot spiced cider. Now some fancy philosophers might argue with this.

    And they’d probably be right. I’m muddling things.

    But “feelings” etc. (above) are the engines that drive human behavior: part of the “is” that is, or exists. To develop and practice a practical worldview I must recognize and understand such things as well as the more concrete and useful stuff that on my planet . Discovering and recognizing just what the “is” is is the first question in our practical philosophy: So then, we offer (1) What is?² There are mountains of different things on our planet and billions of words written about these things.

    And, of course, we must add to all this the many ideas about everything. Those ideas are real, too.


   ¹ This is adapted from some notes I took from somewhere about 35 years ago.

   ² The other two questions are (2) What matters? and (3) Then what should I do? These questions are about 3 years old, and the reflective trilogy sort of began with us.

Author: John Knapp