#614…sci, RELIG, etc: “Our Wish to You”


We wish you a


Merry Christmas!


   We should remember, however, that this is not a Biblical holiday.


For a tad more use the DOOR.




   We do not know just when Jesus was born. Or which calendar day he died. Both Easter and Christmas are traditions of men.

   Just as “Sunday worship” is. (and we’ll explore that in our next post.)

   Traditions of men can have their good points.

   In our American holiday extravaganza, the positive element is joyously giving–or should be. As we do we should never neglect an opportunity to remind ourselves and others of the greatest gift of all. To use a few big words: the Incarnation of God in the flesh and substitutionary atonement for billions of sins are two of the greatest concepts ever played out.

   God in His Son came to serve, clean up, and pay what we could never do for ourselves. The end result: By completely trusting in Him we can have comfort and peace in the days we have left on Earth.

   And the joyful anticipation of what comes after that.

Author: John Knapp