#606…sci, RELIG, etc: “Giving? Details About What It Means”


   Jesus teaches his disciples to “love” and that it’s “better to give than receive.”


   Yes, these are generalities, and not bad ones.


   But what’s involved in all this? Here’s some specific info about the different kinds of giving.


   It’s from the 12th century Jewish philosopher Maimonides. He says there are 8 kinds of giving¹.


   For more use the DOOR.




The 8 Kinds of Charity (or Giving)

according to Maimonides

   (1)  The highest degree is to aid a poor man by giving him a gift or loan, or by forming a partnership with him, or by providing work for him in order to make him self-supporting and without need of welfare assistance.

   (2)  A lower degree of charity is one in which both doer and recipient are anonymous.

   (3)  A still lower degree is when the donor knows the recipient but the recipient does not know the donor.

   (4)  The 4th and even lower degree is when the recipient knows the donor but the donor does not know the recipient.

   (5)  A lower degree is when the donor places the alms in the hands of the recipient without being solicited.

   (6)  A still lower degree is when the donor gives alms to the recipient after being solicited.

   (7)  A yet lower degree is when the donor gives less than is required by the poor person, but does so willingly.

   (8)  The lowest degree is when one gives grudgingly.


   ¹ From notes I took somewhere 34 years ago and just rediscovered.

Author: John Knapp