#588…sci, relig, ETC: “Silver Spoonerisms”


   A “spoonerism” is mispronouncing or switching sounds within a word or between words (accidentally or on purpose).


   For example, here are 3 in a row:


   You have hissed all my mystery lectures. You have tasted a whole worm. Please leave Oxford on the next town drain.


For more use the DOOR.




•  Trashy paperbacks come from the trite side of the racks.

•  Is it kisstomary to cuss the bride?

•  The man who hated seabirds left no tern unstained.

•  Combined charity drives put all the begs in one ask-it.

•  Said one blackbird to another: Bred any good rooks lately?

•  What is a psychologist? A man who pulls habits out of rats.


   Who to blame for starting all this? Rev. Archibald Spooner (1844-1930), once a warden of New College, Oxford. “Spooner is said to have set out to become a birdwatcher, but ended up a word-botcher.”¹

   One more. Deacon Frank’s first and last time to be allowed to announce weekend social activities at the parish included: “At 3PM there will be a peter-pull at St Taffy’s.”

   A few tore next mime.


   ¹Richard Lederer, Get Thee to a Punnery (Wyrick & Co., 1988). Don’t blame him for the last one. Punning around goes downhill fast.

Author: John Knapp