#583…”Why Watch and Think About the Vice Pres. Debate?”


[Observational & Reflective]


Tim Kaine


Mike Pence


   Why watch and listen to them talk and debate?


   One of these could very well be the next U. S. President–within the next 4 years.


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   This was written after the debate, which I’m glad I watched.

   Again this is soft commentary. The more I sought to dig up some “numbers” to buffer my words, the more complicated it became. So no numbers here except the ages of the two Presidential candidates:

   Trump is 70.

   Hillary is 69  (as of Oct. 26, 1947).

   As I said there is a “reasonable chance” neither candidate could serve 4 years as President, much less 8.

   Here are are “soft factors” (written by someone who is 76) but without numbers and fancy terms.

   (1)  Regardless of their present health (which may be camouflaged), they have been living frantic, busy, high-pressured lives. This will become more so in the 5 weeks remaining to the election.

   (2)  Many unexpected diseases can pop up at this age.

   (3)  Illnesses contracted can have long recovery rates.

   (4)  Mental acuity can begin to fail in, at first, undetectable ways.

   (5)  The horrific criminal acts of our polarized nation have been highlighted over and over by our media with pictures of monstrous terrorists who will do anything for recognition. This has to have been noticed by that tiny lunatic fraction whose sad lives seem to them to be cheap enough to risk recognition for creating mayhem and long-memorable tragedy. Add to that those inspired by radical Islam and the aspirations of certain dictators. How we can avoid suicidal attacks against our President, President-elect, and other governmental leaders is most difficult.

   (6)  Add to this how thin the team that protects Presidents must be being stretched during times of changing leaders!

   Yes, we’ve had several attacks on our Presidents since our nation’s founding. The behavior is not new. But the ways to do it now have become more sophisticated, deadly, and easy to hide.

   Yes, I wanted to hear the VP candidates “before” they had to make truly national speeches where they often have to mask who they are. I watched and listened. And it was worth my time.

Author: John Knapp