#578…sci, relig, ETC: “To the Love of My Life…”




(That’s for October 1, and this is as close as I can get…)


Rarely when one is so young

does one consider birthdays

so special

at this stage of life…


For more use the DOOR.




   But I do.

   Especially yours, Karen.

   Our connection began in 1971 when I rescued you in Israel when your group left you behind. They never saw you again.

   And there was that second night when we naively got locked into the old city of Jerusalem and there were no streetlights. An armed army squad had to escort us outside the city gates¹. My experience that week led me to to an incredible–personal–experience that occurred that I never expected, and one you readers would never predict.

   There’s a bit of immediacy now–to me–that just days ago that hit me square on! I couldn’t believe what’s just happened!

   All that will appear in my next post.


   ¹ You have to have a footnote to take all this seriously, so here goes. When the army surrounded and questioned us 45 years ago, I was astonished how cool and calm Karen was through all this. That led me to consider two things:  (1) this woman is special and she risks more considered inspection. And (2) Her courage inspired me to surreptitiously step out of my comfort zone and take a chance at something I’d forgotten about that TV just recently threw in my face.

Author: John Knapp

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  1. How good God is to you to insert Himself into your live to use you for His glory. Indeed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karen! The race is still on. D&D

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