#563…sci, relig, ETC: “Long-time Love”


It’s a special time of the year again:


August 28

Karen’s and my anniversary


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   In the four Augusts I’ve written for A Dozen Seconds, a thrice-weekly new post approaching the “28th”on four occasions. A what does one say–out loud–about one’s beloved who is basically a very private person?

   It’s been a bit more than 45 years since we met each other by the Sea of Galilee where her tour group accidentally left her behind and I, part of another group, had to rescue her. We were both attending the Jerusalem Conference on Biblical Prophecy, and she had come from NYC while I, finishing my doctorate, had come from the midwest.

   On our second evening together, we accidentally got locked into the Old City part of Jerusalem and had to be ushered out of an unlocked city gate by five heavily armed Jewish soldiers.

   We were married in 1972…on August 28, of course.

   We now–44 years later–have a lovely Jewish daughter-in-law and two Jewish granddaughters visiting our home, three stories below where I sit typing this, their just having left the dock in the picture above. (Add to that 3 sons, one son-in-law, one daughter,and 2 more daughters-in-law, 6 more grandchildren–including one from Columbia who speaks mainly Spanish.) There are many, many more details.

   It’s been quite a trip.

   A long-time marriage and long-time love¹ full of klepta secrets are well worth the years.

   Thank you, Karen. I love you . On to our 45th.


   ¹ Love? If my words seem measured, check Earth Is Not Alone and my upcoming The Blood of Three Worlds.

Author: John Knapp

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  1. Hey John and Karen! Congratulations on 44! Doris and I made it 47 on the 9th. There is joy in the journey and we had fun for those 10 years our lives ran alongside in Oswego. Great memories. Enjoy life much on Sunday.

  2. Amazing how God can bring people together and then continue to surprise them all along the way with unexpected blessings such as all of our family. Like most people, I never thought 44 years would come and go and I am so grateful. I know many people do not get that much time together so thank you for your above words. I love you. On to our 45th! (it’s been an amazing summer getting to see all our kids and grandkids!)

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