#551…SCI, relig, etc: “Fitbit Madness…”


You’re counting your steps,

You’re 1,500 away from your daily 10,000 target.

It’s approaching midnight.

What to do?


For a cool solution, use the DOOR.




   (Or it could be cool in the middle of a hot day and it’s your last chance to engage in serious walking…)


   Here’s what I did. I drove to a Price Chopper grocery. I parked…not too close, by the way. The more steps the better. So I’ll share my story, simple as it will be.

   Entering, I go to aisle 1. I’ve never cased out a grocery store before. So here’s something new I can learn while I attend to the purpose my wife sent me here for. “I need lettuce for salad,” she said. “Consider it done,” I returned. It’s amazing what grocery stores have to offer these days: everything from kosher food to furniture and clothes.

   I’ll not bore with too many details. Systematically (of course) I paced from aisle to aisle, past chips and snacks, to 74 different kinds of cereal, to dog food to light bulbs to steak knives and entire, ready-to-go meals already compartmentalized on special plates. It was the magazine rack that stopped me cold. There was a quarterly copy of the Backwoodsman: The Magazine for the 21st Century that described all those things one could make out of junk and almost nothing. (I could get several posts out of that!). The deli and bakery were dangerous territory, but I soldiered on¹ past them. I gave myself extra points–but they don’t count as steps…

   Back in the car, I checked my steps–I had enough.

   But an unexpected bonus was coming up.

   I quickly returned to the store to get the “Spring Mix,” the  lettucy stuff that I’d come for.


   ¹ “Soldiering on” is a great verb you don’t want to overlook! It means being doggedly determined in your effort to do something. (And “soldiered” is a valid Scrabble word.)

Author: John Knapp