#522…SCI, relig, etc: “Do Homo sapiens sapiens sapiens live among us?”


Time for a Naturalist Evolutionist [NE] to …….. step in…


Has a new human subspecies

                    made its appearance among us?


First, we are Homo (the genus)

           sapiens (the species)

 sapiens (the subspecies¹) [Hss]


or Homo sapiens sapiens.


But has Homo sapiens sapiens sapiens ……….[Hsss] finally appeared?


For more use the DOOR.




   Evolutionists point out that with the passage of time, changes occur in all living things. Every living thing has a genus [capitalized] and a species [lower case] name that is carefully described. In our case, Homo is man, or human and sapiens stems from “wise.” Now the subspecies is a little trickier and fuzzier. But humans are a bit more distinctively human or “something” than they were thousands of years ago. Still we must remember that any member of a species or subspecies is able to breed with any other of that “general” species.

   Hold on for a minute².

   A Dozen Seconds [ADS] has detected what may be a distinctively new kind of human evolving from our subspecies. From a very early age this human ignores any predetermined logical reasons to behave socially except, perhaps, to survive and propagate.  Without any “controlling” parents with fixed value systems to guide their young, these “new young” go about ruled by their feelings using, taking, mocking, shutting off, destroying, attacking, injuring, raping, aborting, killing, murdering, maiming, and stealing without any conscience whatsoever. With no conscience to build upon, we of ADS (and of the regular Hss group of humans) consider these possibly the beginning of a new subspecies of our subspecies. We label them “Hsss.”

   Hence the beginning of a battle for dominance: “Hss vs. Hsss.” May the strongest survive and continue.

   [NE]:  “Wait! Aren’t you going overboard and being too harsh?”

   [ADS]:  “Harsh? What do you mean by that? Who are you to tell us what’s harsh and what’s not? We thought that evolution had no value system other than ‘survive and propagate’ although that smells like two absolutes to us? Oh well…skip that. Isn’t the world better off thinning out the weak.”

   [Hsss]:  “You’re obviously racist.”

   [ADS]:  “Racist? Against some minorities? Actually, what we started thinking about involved mostly Caucasians. Who of any race can tell anyone of any race what we should or shouldn’t do–if we can get away with it? That’s oppressive and imperialistic. Worse than that, it hurts our feelings.

   “Prepare for a battle. It’s “Hss vs. Hsss” for the future of the planet and no one has a right to get in the way.”


   ¹ You’ll have to look long and hard for a good sharp definition of (the 2nd) “sapiens” that stands for “modern human subspecies,” though its widely used.

   ² “Minute”?  Yes, A Dozen Seconds just blew its cover as its credibility got knocked to the canvas for a “12” count.


Author: John Knapp