#519…SCI, REL, etc: “Yegs and Nogs: Bringing Attitude to Evidence”


Time for two neologisms:


#1   Yeg¹


#2   Nog


I’ve been accused, and usually rightly so, being a #1.


For more use the DOOR.




      When looking in the things “out there” or inside oneself, a yeg  says:

#1   “Of course there has to be a God!”   (YES, GOD! or …….. “YeG”)

#2   “Of course there’s no God!”  (NO, GOD! or “NoG”)

     Push it hard and it’s one or the other.

    Of course, too, people are rarely so dramatic about this, and probably would prefer to say something like “There probably is” or “There probably isn’t.” Even more probably, they wouldn’t want to bring up the question at all².

   Most people, however, lean one way or the other–and whether they’re scientists, Sunday School teachers, or streetwalkers, their attitudes about God affect what they think and do.

   As a card-carrying yeg, I see purpose and pattern in so much of the world around me. I value the observation, consistency, and repeatability that makes theoretical and practical science possible. I see also where science has to stop, and seek–or allow and see the importance of other ways to learn.

   It’s  sad when the nogs who are scientists, teachers, politicians, or news gathers, often realizing this, ignore, cover up, or give credence to evidence that suggests that “anything goes has a down side,” or is “some choices have a serious health risk,” or that “there’s another, better, way to look at many things.”

   All choices can be traced back to whether a person is a yeg or a nog. To say, “Wait a minute! A person has to choose for himself as to whether or not there’s a God! the response to that is, “Of course. he does,” but that’s not the question here. The question is, “How do we be honest and open to what we know or others have learned, if we ignore, wall off, or otherwise suppress that there are other ways to get to important information?”

   Christians have commonly been accused of this.  And it’s often true.

   But as a former long-time professor in a secular university, let me say that the secular trend of nogs to cut off  yegs sharing different information³, or a different way of looking at things is strong…and getting stronger  every day.


   ¹ Please don’t add an extra “g” here…

   ² That’s one reason why God gives people children who recklessly think.

   ³ The bans on free speech that doesn’t say the right thing today are unbelievable. I should make clear that the convictions of yegs doesn’t mean blocking “conflicting” good data of nogs. Rather it is insisting, or should be, that yeg-friendly evidence and arguments should at least be recognized and available without penalizing people who consult and use it. A true yeg values the right–and responsibility–to make choices for or against God.


Author: John Knapp

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  1. Well said! OK. ‘written’ (but you understand). Though what you write about about nogs is being experienced more and more, the yegs must continue to speak and write about Jesus Christ; it is our calling. This is not a game where winning is everything. Rather, it is a life to be lived in obedience to the One whom we call Lord. He will return and the ‘debate’ will then end. Until then, yegs must live and in living according to His instruction demands we love nogs. Praise the Lord!

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