#503…SCI, REL, etc: “Ravi Zacharias Identifies the Big Questions”


   “Everyone – pantheist, atheist, skeptic, polytheist – has to answer these questions: (1) ‘Where did I come from? (2) What is life’s meaning? (3) How do I define right from wrong and (4) What happens to me when I die?’ Those are the fulcrum points of our existence.”¹

                                   –Ravi Zacharias


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   The risk of thinking sometimes involves getting tangled in more than trivial questions.

   After analyzing the thousands of questions college students from around the world have presented to him, Ravi Zacharias (the noted Christian philosopher/theologian/apologist) has said that they fall into four categories. They are:

   (1) Origins

   (2) Meaning

   (3) Morality

   (4) Destiny

   The questions above reflect these categories. The quick take-away from this is that not only Christians are–or should be–troubled or stimulated by such questions. Zacharias’s argument² is that that Christianity and the Bible have the best answers to such questions.

   Notice we’ve grown up a bit. Click on the URL below and you’ll find much more about Ravi Zacharias and how he looks at the world.




   ¹ From the URL above. Look for the quote that starts with “everyone.” We added the numbers, however.

   ² An “apologist” makes a case or an “argument” for a particular opinion or view. It’s not saying “I’m sorry.” It’s saying I’m right and here’s why, humbly, of course…

Author: John Knapp