#502… “The Environment of My Life?”


   Environment of life?… This arises from a newspaper picture and article about cleaning up dead fish. It relates to our regularly asking (1) What is? (2) What matters? (3) Then what should I do.


What shapes what we think about?


For what’s more use the DOOR.




     We’ve omitted the picture of 5 men in black-and-white striped jump suits shoveling dead fish from the water’s edge into plastic bags. But here’s the caption under the picture:

“An inmate chain gang, all non-violent offenders, removes dead fish near State Road 528 between Port Canaveral and Cocoa on Thursday (Mar. 24, 2016).”¹

   To the left, part of the newspaper article was this:

…” ‘I’m sure they would much rather be working at the animal shelter care center but we’re using them to help clean up. These are inmates that have to volunteer to be on the chain gang, and we knew we could send them out,’ said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who dispatched the inmates Wednesday as part of a growing grassroots effort to address the fish kill.”¹


   So what’s here more than a picture of 5 men filling a bag with dead fish?

   It’s a picture of what’s happening in an environment determined by a series of choices–of the 5 shovelers, the people watching to keep them working, and those not pictured who made this event possible and of course there’s the weather that was friendly enough to allow this and the unknown factors that killed the fish. Those circumstances allowed what was in the picture.

   In a larger sense, all people have environments they occupy. And many who created the environments, as well as ways to get to them, or those who allowed or permitted “entry” determine to a large extent what any “occupiers” can do, or attempt.

   Well…anything else lurking in this strange entry? Is anything missing?

   An environment can also be a book, a movie, or a group as well as a trip across town or to India.

   And since you’re already somewhere that’s pretty well fixed (that’s your present “environment”), you may have to decide to climb over a fence to get to the next place, somewhere that may be unexpected by those around you.

   There’s more out there than the chance to show watchers you can shovel up dead fish.

   Resist earning the striped jumpsuit, but reach out and prove some new things some things for yourself.


   ¹ Florida Today Mar. 27, 2016.

                                   [Happy Birthday, Eli!]

Author: John Knapp