#494…SCI, RELIG, etc: “The Wonder of Birds”


“…those who hope in the Lord…

will soar on wings like eagles…”

–Isaiah 40:31


   What is it that birds can do that “higher” humans cannot even begin to fathom? For that you need to use the DOOR.




   Birds not only get off the ground but soar without consulting a flight manual; or build a home for their families without opening a toolbox, their “pliers” being their beaks, their feet serving as fingers for doing everything else; or without laying out blueprints for how such houses should comfortably and safely fit together.

   No flight manuals, no toolboxes, no blueprints.

   Yet they not only continue but flourish without such human helps.

   The scientific naturalist¹ will insist that all birds, and bird behavior, came about as very, very simple stuff too small to see knocked around with other small stuff for many years to form stuff that was larger and more complex. Then this stuff over more time became living stuff, and the living stuff over still more time became birds.² Further, most declare that all this was accidental and random. There is no overall, planned pattern, a naturalist³ insists. To say so, or suggest that some important scientific information about how birds came about is missing is to risk being branded as a troglodyte.


   ¹ A “scientific naturalist” may also be called a “philosophical naturalist” or “scientific or philosophical materialist.” The basic issue with any of these terms is a belief that God, gods, or the supernatural do not exist, or if they do, they do not contribute anything that matters to the world of science–regardless of what science has failed to figure out. It is important to recognize that any of these postures, or frameworks, is accepted by faith, just as religious frameworks are accepted. The basic question is, What does a person accept as legitimate evidence for explaining for one’s faith, or for “what one is” and/or “what one is surrounded by.”

   ² Notice we’re leaving “people” off the hook here…

   ³ Be aware that the definition of “naturalist” has broader definitions. In religion vs. science discussions and debates a first task is to define terms, and provide certain adjectives to clarify. Christians, and well as scientists (who profess that they are not Christians) are famous for using terms like those above– and in particular “evolution”–in several different ways in “bait-and-switch shell games” that muddy intelligent discussions.

Author: John Knapp