#478…sci, relig, ETC: “Okay…it’s 4 days before Valentine’s Day”


You’re in love.

What are you going to do about it?


We’re going to make 3 suggestions about expressing yourself on


Valentine’s Day ♥


But that will require using the DOOR.




   (1)  A dozen roses is clichéd, unimaginative, and expensive. Don’t go this way…

   (2)  Get a small vase and get 1 or 2 flowers, or attractive weeds from the backyard, and some of that green grassy stuff from the backyard or Wal-Mart and “arrange” it and put it on “the table” on the 13th, one day ahead of time. [Okay, the “1 flower” stands for how the 2 of you are really 1; If you use 2 flowers, then that means that in the world of important things the 2 of you are what really stands out (in your mind) and matters.] Add to that a handwritten note that says I really love you. The putting of this on the kitchen table on the 13th indicates that you just didn’t wake up this morning and say, “Oh my gosh, it’s Valentine’s Day and I forgot all about it!” No. You planned what you did because you’ve ahead of the curve on what matters. You’re truly expressing yourself. Don’t let Hallmark brainwash you…You will, however, (grit your teeth) watch a Hallmark Valentine movie with her (if this is a male addressing a female) the next evening…and take her out the next morning, or the day after, for a breakfast of her choice at a place of your choice somewhere few people are so you can focus on each other and review your past year. You can modify this so many ways, but you get the idea.

   (3)  If she (again, a male addressing a female in this example) is a reader, get her a copy of Earth Is Not Alone (see sidebar on the right) quickly from Amazon–paper or electronic version (with pictures!)–for a very inexpensive price. The reason: In it are 3 (young–too young?) love stories, actually 4, unlike any you’ve ever read before, written from the male 3rd person POV¹. Their tone? That depends on who you are and where you come from. There’s some violence as Earth society begins to fall apart, but Christians who are comfortable wearing gold-colored emblems of execution around their necks should have no difficulty here. Still, reading² is always risky business.

   Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day (or portion of one)–just the two of you. ♥

   [This post is dedicated to my Karen .]


   ¹ “3rd per. POV” is “third person point of view.” We’ve discussed this before [See previous posts {#109}, {#286}, and {024} typed in with the braces in the search rectangle at upper left]. This refers to the source of thinking presented by the narrator in a story. Not even Nicholas Sparks uses this POV. He, “God-like,” sees into several characters heads telling the thoughts of several–male and female. In Earth Is Not Alone, as well as most of my fiction, we “see into only one head,” (here the precocious teen) Michael’s, and we have to interpret others’ thoughts by what they say and do. Enough of all that…though according to many, it’s the most honest and real way of presenting a story because we never see into more than one head–ours.

   ² As is not reading…

Author: John Knapp

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