#476…sci, relig, ETC: “The 1860 Census”


Let’s look at the numbers:



   •  23 states:  including CA, OR, (the 4 slave-holding “border states”: MO, KY, DE, MD), and 7 territories. (WV would join the Union in 1863)

   •  Population: 22,000,000 (4,000,000 of combat age)


For more, including that of the CONFEDERACY, use the DOOR.




   •  Economy: 100,000 factories.

   1,100,000  workers

   20,000  miles of railroad  (70% of U.S. total;  96% of all railroad equipment).

   $189,000,000  in bank deposits (81% of U.S. total deposits).

   $56,000,000  in gold specie².



   •  11 states.

   •  Population:  9,000,000  (3,500,000 slaves; only ……. 1,200,000 of combat age).

   •  Economy:  20,000  factories.

   101,000 workers.

   9,000  miles of railroad.

   $47,000,000  in bank deposits.

   $27,000,000  in gold specie.


   Other:  The South was greatly outnumbered. In their favor was that they had the most cotton (raised by slaves), and the leaders of the U.S. Army were mainly Southerners who immediately defected to the South. Also, the South was defending familiar “hometown” territory. Also favoring the South was the memory that an undermanned, undersupplied America, with patriotic fervor had not too many years earlier defeated the British during the national revolution against the British.


   ¹ Details from Kenneth C. Davis, Don’t Know Much About History (HarperCollins, 2003). This (the hardback version) was on the best seller list in 1990 for 35 weeks according to The New York Times. (Forgive us for saving space by using postal codes instead of state names.)

   ² “specie”– (n) [spee she] Money in the form of coins rather than notes.

Author: John Knapp