#456…sci., RELIG., etc.: “Part of the Christmas Story That’s Never on a Card”


   Several people–and creatures¹–provided information that’s been recorded about Jesus’ birth and early days on Earth.


   One piece of info, however, is never printed on a Christmas card that you’ll receive this year.


To discover that piece use the DOOR.




   Read Luke chapter 2–all of it.

   If you still need a hint, see verse 35. This minor character’s words suggest that Christ’s coming involves much more than having an extra day or so off from work², giving and receiving gifts, watching children enjoy new toys, visiting favored relatives, or recalling memories around a table of fine food.

   Nothing wrong with that…necessarily.

   The coming of Jesus means salvation, security, and motivation to live because God is interested and watching. And that means saying yes and no at the right times. It also involves division and pain when justice is revealed and delivered. True love demands real justice, and that sometimes hurts.

   A big subject that calls for more space.

   Perhaps not the best appetizer at a cozy Christmas dinner…much less the main course.

   Now I’m getting hungry…


   ¹ The creatures I’m thinking of are not barn, or manger-feeding animals probably nearby at Jesus’ birth. Besides, since they’re ignorant of English, Hebrew, or Greek, they couldn’t provide “information.” It’s angels I have in mind, “creatures” also, but what they can do is an entirely different matter.

   ² A day free from work does, however, indirectly honor the Sabbath…

Author: John Knapp