#448… SCI., relig., etc.: “A Huge New Telescope Is in the Works”


   It’s called the Giant Magellan Telescope (“GMT”)


   Where?  In Chile

   How big?  It will be the largest ever built.

   How strong?  10 times “sharper” than the Hubble.

   When?  Scheduled to be finished by 2021.


For more use the DOOR.




   The groundbreaking ceremony took place in Chile on a mountaintop high in the Chilean Andes cordillera¹. And why Chile? One reason is that the structure will be placed in the driest desert in the world. And, say astronomers, “Water and astronomy don’t mix well. Even traces of water in the atmosphere can distort and mask information. With such dry deserts, Chile is turning into a global astronomy hub.

   There’s not much out on this yet. Our information is from the AP as reported in the Scranton Times-Tribune, Nov. 13, 2015. So stay tuned.

   If you google for more info, be sure put “Giant” in front of “Magellan.”  “GMT” is how it’s referred to, but everything in pretty new at this point. A thing to remember is that our knowledge of astronomy with its stars and “worlds beyond us” is exploding.


   ¹ A cordillera is a a range of mountains, as are the Rockies, with plateaus and other features (like deserts) between them.

Author: John Knapp