#421…sci, RELIG., etc.: “Again…A ‘Glance’ at Church History”


We’ve discussed this before…


But this time we’re taking a new approach…


   What happened


    Jesus and St. Paul


   Martin Luther and

   last week?


For more use the DOOR.




   We’ll assume that you want to learn more about the “Christian past”–sometime.

   And, of course, if you wander far enough away from the church door, you’re quick to find those who say all that “Christian stuff” that you’ve bought into is foolish, out-dated, naive, or harmful, or a waste of time.

   Here’s a “tool” that can show you key points in 2000 years of Church history in 10 minutes. Where you take it from there is your decision.

   It’s the

 Christan History Time Line (www.rose-publishing.com)¹

— 400  or so “events” that affected Christian Church history are identified.

— 21 illustrations (most in color)

— laminated in an accordion plastic pamphlet less than one-eighth of an inch thick

— You can totally hide it in the back of your Bible for those (we hope) rare moments in church where the sermon you’re hearing is one you’ve heard before a couple or three times and you’ve already gotten the main point. So you can put on your best Christian face slip out your time line and hope not to get caught.

   These moments in history can plant seeds of where to look next for how the world and Christianity have interacted for more than 2000 years. In short,you get a glimpse at why you sit where you are and think about who you are, and what you should do with your life. You’re hardly who you are by accident.

   Something has–and is–going on.


   ¹ This time line costs $3.99 and is considerably discounted when several are bought at the same time. Several other Bible topics are similarly formatted and wall charts with the same information are available. This, I feel, could be used in home schools, perhaps spur individual research, as well as Sunday schools (where I’ve used it) and small-group studies. An excellent gift for the right person. (Sorry, if we were a bit ambitious in our heading. The most recent date on the time line is 2004.

Author: John Knapp